Summer Research

Over the break, I was trying to get motivated again as much as I could. When the summer started only thing what I knew was that I’d like to work with Arduino (microcontrollers) and fabrics. At least I knew I’m fascinating by smart materials. To think about my whole upcoming year project was not that easy but I believe I’ve some solid result. My summer way started in London, where I visited as many exhibitions as it was possible, included New Designers.

To be honest, I started with those three ideas:

CCTV – Surveillance clothes

Creative Viruses

Light Clothes

Of course, I started with Tate Modern where I spent a lot of time. I found some new excellent pieces of art which I was amazed.



I went to an undressed exhibition

I was starting think more about the comfortability and usage of fashion. Why fashion hurts? “For beauty, you have to sacrifice” Also I was thinking about wearability, usage, and morality of beautifulness.

  • Thomas Adcock
  • William Henry Flower – Fashion Deformity
  • Gustav Jaeger corsets

Techno Textiles 2 – book full of inspiration!!




Tilburg Textile Museum

Organic shapes = natural materials  

I’ve never been in Holland before and to be honest the whole country is marvellous, it is clean, and I could feel the freshness all around me! It was fantastic, for me it was inspiration just to walk in Amsterdam.

Back to the research, the museum in Tilburg had some amazing work which made some crucial decision of my last pieces. Mainly, I knew I’d like to work with fabrics they made some excellent point, and I’ve started to think about my project slightly different. Especially, where I can get and how could I make sustainable/ organic fabrics?

I have a long time at the Dutch designer’s section where they mention some good point. For instance, how to make fabrics from potato starch sweaters from yarns where you know which sheep is from it.


Of course, I had a fantastic summer vacation with a lot of fun, but even though I was on a “break” I had to think about my project…

I believe I came up with a project that worth my time over the whole academic year.




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