Design Domain (Dream On!)

IMG_2930  IMG_2979


From the very first moment, I knew I’d like to create something with fabrics and smart fabrics seemed to me like the best option. Interactive clothes / costume.

For a person who never sew clothes or something together, it was quite challenging to get even start. Since I haven’t had a much time to experiment I’ve started to create something from the first week otherwise I won’t be able to finish my project. To be honest, even though, I ordered everything on the first week I got most of the parts (eg. conductive thread) the day before hand-in.


I thought a light skirt would perfectly fit the theme of Shakespeare’s midsummer night dream. The importance of this project for me was go beyond the screen and do something that is gonna be working without a computer. Something that might be wearable or usable. it would be like a magical moment “being”. Then working with the conductive and conductivity is like a magic for me because on this project I’ve learnt a lot.


Especially, I’ve been connecting my Foci research to conductive fabric and hi-tech fashion so I believe I’ve gained the most what I’ve could from this project.


Idea – conductive costume for a performance

Achievements – learning process, research, performance, light reacting skirt


IMG_2918 IMG_2907 IMG_2903 IMG_3001 IMG_3002 IMG_2987 IMG_2981 IMG_2924

My initial idea was working with a dancer, however; my dancer cancels on me so I finally, dress up myself and performed. It was one of the best experienced because the skirt was reacting on the light sensor so the RGB strip was changing colours quite effective. I’m glad I finally wore the skirt and I was running at a skirt at a doggy place in the middle of the night. I was part of the place. Urban places transform into fairy magical place where everything is possible. Even the biggest child dream could be real!



Research: (part of the FOCI writing as well)


FOCI research -> FOCI




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