Motion through Emotion – Two weeks of Maya

Two weeks projects about Maya and 3D animation were we suppose to create with sound and all editing for one minute. My final piece is inspired by the animal kingdom and underwater.

For the first couple of days, I decided to go over the tutorials at and I spent more than three days of research and developing and understanding Maya 2016 more complex rather than just clicking and furiously looking on Youtube for help.

Because the previous project was short and I had felt it would be beneficial to keep the idea of EcoSystem in my animation and search more and especially; I was always amazed by the underwater videos and creatures.

The idea and reaching the topic “Motion through Emotion” is is the very specific theme but on the other it could be anything but 3 shapes is a very unordinary number. After working on my storyboard, I knew, it’ll more likely a “love story” between these shapes, how they moved, rotated and reaching each other. The two angled view – I put it together because in our lives sometimes we just looking at situation blindly just from one side and we should be able to change our opinion based on the experience or just fellings what we having or just see that every situation is not a one-sided coin.

My research was focusing on a National geographic creatures and documents where I was paying attention to the smallest details of movement, color, and shapes.



The new feature at Maya 2016 what I found the most useful for me is the Sculpting and blend mode animation of these shapes. I suppose I developed this tool very sufficiently for the time what we had.


After the first week of experiments and tutorials, I felt confident enough to start with the animation because we did not have plenty of time I wanted to finish my draft animation on Tuesday and then continue on editing and sound.

The first experiments and modeling were quite what I expected I knew what I want to to model abstracts uderwater shapes was not such a long process. The preparation was very handy in this project otherwise, I won’t be ale to finish it on time. Mental Ray what I was introduced to was incredibly useful tools to approach the effects what I wanted; unfortunetly, I was not able to render with the Mental Ray probably bacuse my computer is not powerful enough and I dont have access to the school’s computers and there is not maya installed yet. Even though I was rendering for couple days and I was concoulting this problem with my tutor I ended up with a very controversial final quality of the animation.


I worked on the sound for a day and a half  fits my idea and movements of my creatures that I suppose is very successful. I belive, for the time and troubles what I got and time table what we had I did my the best. In terms of developments, we didn’t have a lot of time for learning process and research and the suggested books wasn’t even available at the library or on the internet…  I’d really appreciate more time for the projects as well better tutorials after all because we did not learn much new stuff…


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