Internet of things


Would you comfortable to be aware someone looking at you all the time and know about you a lot? Would you be ok with the idea more than hundred people watching you in the real time and watching you like in reality show?

For my concept I choose go for the wearable electronic idea because I am really interested to explore possibility of the user usage on top of the very personal wearable I wanted to deep inside of the privacy of public security cameras.
Initially security cameras are here to protect us from the terrorist, however; public cameras are connected to the Internet so whoever can connect and stalk anyone or government can easily watch your steps. There is nothing easier to go for it. I do understand the idea of the protection but on the other hand how much the cameras are useful to us? More I know, more I am afraid about this whole idea and I am starting be worrying about someone might watching me in the real time and I do not understand why someone needs to collect all of these data…

The inside of the necklace would be ideally manufactured from bronze and the outside would be from glass. The very inside of the electronics would hold the x-OSC system with battery which would be rechargeable with programmed software
I wanted to make the whole idea be wearable to everyone so I would go for fancy options and one which would be affordable by everyone, it would be sended in two options in plastics or paper which you would be able build at home and place the sensor inside.


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