Musical Instrument n.2

Since my first analogue project wasn’t not perfect in terms of choosing a sensor I wanted to improve my idea. The initial idea is still same to create musical object which would be play with randomness.

In my project I had to solve a quite challenging problems, that I really enjoy since I started even though I was sometimes upset not just because of the arduino code. I was using pure data because it is free software but sometimes it hard to go for a sensor which is not that common because when I don’t know how to solve some problem there is no one who would be able to help me.

Developing my object

I started with cardboard with copper tape and three polystyrene balls covered in conductive thread.


1) copper tape is too resistive so I always got just on/off effect

2) I didn’t realize I might get breadboard which is cut in half so I wouldnt get positive

3) three balls covered in conductive thread is too much information for the and all the values are messed up

4) bare conductive ink didn’t work in S-lab because it was to old


After the extension week I spent a lot of time to solving problems and create functional object which is not made from cardboard and cover the arduino and all the electronics.

I started over and just try to draw six lines with conductive pen with six different resistor, which was quite good solution. So over the weekend I was trying to play with the values and pure data, however; I wasnt able to get what I wanted from the PD… On monday I went to buy a new jar of conductive ink.

IMG_1672IMG_1726 IMG_1728

Whole wednesday I spent at school developing my project and get what I actually really want from the musical box. I built simple box because it has really simple shape and does not disturb you from concentrating on the functionality of the object. I built the box at the maquette shop during the day and in the evening I spent time at S-lab using conductive ink and finishing the box.Since I havent had any experience with max but It was working so I used the patch what I got from Elio because I wouln’t be able to finish it by myself in time.

IMG_1725  IMG_1727

On Thursday I spent time placing electronics inside of the box and get the arduino the whole object working, bacause the day befoore it was not working and I was getting a lot of errors without any reason so I was worrying a lot I wont be able to solve it by deadline. Luckily, it was just because the conductive thread was sometime touching the arduino so since I moved the arduino and succefully placed conductive thread apart of the arduino I solve it.   IMG_1731 IMG_1732 IMG_1733 IMG_1734

On Thursday I spent whole day to develop more deeply the max software and it was really interesting but in same time hard because I’m used to different software even though both softwares working similarly. If I would know the max software I will record my own sounds and use them and play with randomness and chaos more deeply.

IMG_1737 IMG_1738

I am quite pleased with the outcome and the feedback what I got. I leant a lot from this project and I believe I will use all the knowledge in the future projects and I really want to develop more the conductive ink and playfulness of objects if not in the final project, definitely in any other future project.

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