Conductive Material


Research on conductive materials – CONDUCTIVE INK

For my research I choose to find more information about conductive ink. It is really interesting what this material offers, especially if someone like me is interested into combining technology and classical art techniques. There is a lot of interesting ways how is possible to conductive ink combine with the other techniques such as painting, installation or performance. This material is not so interesting as others as may it seems, however; there is a lot of possibilities how to use this material.



Conductive ink is liquid contains flakes of silver and carbon. These as also known as conductive polymer. Conductive polymer is an organic conductor or semi-conductor. It was first described in 19th century by Henri Latheby. It is cheaper to create conductive ink with copper.



Performance – Combination of human body and conductive ink. Because human body is conductive as well it is amazing what is possible to do even without conductive ink. Especially when is the installation combine with other two people who has to touch each other to turn on, for example, light.


Installation – in my opinion, touchable installation is the most interesting example how to talk with audience though an art piece because people are part of a piece and they have to involve into. Honestly, I think, they would even remember interactive pieces the most.

Dataflags at the V&A — Documentation from Fabio_la on Vimeo.

Dataflags — Guest Projects, documentation from Fabio_la on Vimeo.


Painting – it is the oldest medium what we have in the world whereas we still have options how to discover deeply undiscovered. Why not to talk with audience via painting and make some magic with the conductivity. Same as baroque paintings did with eyes effect. Especially when we’re not suppose to touch any of the paintings in galleries or even at home. The idea of how we could break this dogma with new technologies. What else we could do? Is this medium dead? Honestly, I don’t think so.conductive-Ink


Conductive INK – PRINTED


I really admire organic materials combinating with new technologies so plants of water is kind of my interest.






Water is semi-conductive material


Conductive INK – PRINTED






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