Assignment 1- Switcher

I suppose I didn’t fully understand the topic of the switcher so I did not combine it with my material research, however; in the following week I definitely try to build some circuit with conductive ink!

First of all, I wanted build something with the piezo, RGB LED and plastic bag and everytime when I touch a plastic bag I would get different values. However; I could make it as a real switcher as an on/off think what really annoys me. But I spent some on it.


IMG_1538 IMG_1539 (1) IMG_1539 IMG_1538 (1)



After some time I decided to build simple circuit – button – LED, COPPER TAPE and SPONGE. I knew from begginig I would like to print a nice cover for the button.



However; even though it is simple circuits it took a some time to make this thing working especially I had some troubles over this project. Copper tape is not sticky so sometimes it was working sometimes its not. Finally I had to soldier LED and copper tape. And the idea to print an object in 3D print took me actually a lot more time than I expected because this kind of printer is not printing organic shapes as a newer ones so finally I had to built simple button.


I had to solve so much stuff which was really challenging for me that I am glad did everything on time. For the next time I would like to have stronger idea behind which I can follow; however; now, I know how the course is going so hopefully the next assignment would be bigger success!


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