Pop-up project CCA (Project9)




Hands showing the history of the CCA
Everyone understands history in different way and for each
individual means CCA something. Around the world there is too much “CCA” and we
can’t be sure what is it. There are no any explanations but we are pretty sure
what is it for us. Over the time a lot have been happening in CCA and luckily
this space is so open where everyone can find something, from good food to
great events. By the time the space is changing and we all forgetting what
happened sometimes even last night, but only architecture is still almost same
over the years.
CCA is not just one building but it is a complex of
interesting architecture where people can meet and see what is going on. CCA
archive has a lot inside and it will be challenge for all of us to find the
most valuable information and events what happened at Cca, especially for those
who are not from Scotland. We live in the modern age where we can get
information so easily from the Internet but are still valuable?
Mapping project gives to us opportunity to express the
“timeline” architecturally, ideologically and hopefully it will be great place
to visualize. There is no any limit. Only limit is our mind. We are creating
the space and all visitors making the atmosphere.


To show “story” of the
Destruct space and
ANIMATION   – it will be starting point for a “tunnel of the story” and “back to the reality” starting and ending
point of the storyline. Using architecture of the elevator it does not to be
just lines but we can use panels. (Easier to make)
                        End of the animation
will be  “backwards” of the begging.
“Crossfading” of the hand part and animations
– destroy the animation, moving
the storyline and showing what is the under and it will moves the storyline
with the abstract of the archive videos.  (There are not so much videos of the
architecture and buildings) so pre-recorded hands will show not just “subtitles”,
“dates” but also “erasing tweets”
ARCHIVE        – videos, because we can’t use sound,
lets use video and destruct video and hands will showing “subtitles and
connection between the audio and video”. Basically there are “just” 20 videos
what we have gone through so if we find interesting story “graphic still
picture” Tuesday we can use it as well.


– showing current mood at the
space and we could interact with the “real time hands” and “erase” the



















Thinking about culture means for me considering very wide
topic. The abstract and almost poetic term “culture” could cover almost
everything from art to ecology. Words and language are abstract itself and they
have the power to carry culture within themselves. Even though two people who
speak different language know what e. g. bread means, it would always mean
something different for them.
From the beginning the group project was quite challenging
not only for me but also for the whole group.
I suppose that my idea was good enough but to create and to think about
the ideas behind was quite difficult and not only for me. I assume the problem
was that I am not a team leader who would want to coordinate people, but I also
consider a group discussion important. Unfortunately, I still do not know where
the biggest problem was, but the opportunity to talk about the project with
Lukas helped me a lot.
I suppose, I should be more confident in what exactly I want
and do not be submissive to everything and everyone, because if someone does
not want to cooperate with me I don’t want to force anyone and I rather finish
the work by myself.
I assume, I have to learn how to talk to people (it doesn’t
matter in which language) to explain them what exactly I want and I have to improve
my presentation skills because then I could more specifically express my ideas.
However, I think it was not the only problem in our group. I think the biggest
problem that we are not a group of four but a group of two, one helper and one
ignorant. I understand that everyone has different level of skills so after the
induction at CCA Archive we sat together and I was talking about my idea again
and what is needed. I thought we could work on the archive research with
Elisabeth and I could teach her how to use Premiere. Peter wanted to do design
lift panels for the projection and Lukas processing. I thought it would be
perfect but it was not. Peter never did the animation and did not help us.
Elisabeth at least tried to help me with the archive and sent me some videos
with time.
Honestly, I think I did everything I could even though it
was not perfect. The biggest disappointment came when Lukas created animation
for the lift but we got only less than a half of the elevator space so we had
change the idea a bit but we still kept the idea of hands, quotes, hands,
videos, hands. In the end we decided to split the work between four of us:
Hands, Videos, Documentation – me; Archive – me, Elisabeth; AfterEffect,
Processing, Documentation – Lukas; Peter – Documentation and Life Performance

It was a wonderful and useful experience because it was the
first time when I showed something in public but more importantly I could work
in a team that was not working as I thought it would be. In the past, I worked
in teams that were willing to develop the idea more deeply and who wanted to
discuss technical or creative problems, but also problems in the group. I think
I learnt how to surpass obstacles in communication within the group, I found
out that it is important to be more pedant as a team leader and be more honest
to people who doesn’t want to work when I asked them to.




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