——-> BERLIN TRIP <—–
e.g. what to do in Berlin for 6 days as an artstudent
Of course take some selfies at the airport and than on the plane as well 

After we landed we get a nice burger and some beers at pauls metal pub


Choose a breakfast place which is very trendy with so delicous food which made us full for almost rest of the day


When you go around amazing massive book shop and spent there more than an hour just check the art books.


and then go to the museum island to see renesaince art


Brandenburgh Gate which had the worst video mapping what I ever seen! It even didnt fit where it suppose to fits but as the effecive attraction to make the gate more attractive for tourist, than it was huge success

Judism museum on the 70th celebration of holocaust


As always we needed get some nice breakfast because Transmediale festival starting today but before the ceromonial we wanted to visit Bauhaus archive so it will be long day










Calculated Play? Games as a Metaphor, Medium and Method

The Pirate Cinema and Citation City

The best food ever!





After the exhibition we went to Transmediale – and this day was
very very taught because we went to the very unpleasant topic and the
combination of them was very interesting.
There is no any change I would be able to change anything but just
thinking about all these questing what is going around us…
First of all I went to the screening about terrorism and how
terrorism changing over the time and honestly there was not so much changes.
Klaus von Brunch was fantastic because of his opinions, creations and recent
works. His film was from 70s after terrorist attract in Germany. He could shown
the movies for 24 years because the movie was too much controversial to be in
production before.
He is very interesting person in the Germany new wave of video art
In the contrast of him was Karen
 who made a 19 minutes movie about a terrorist
attract in Bombay hotel. She used four sources – from YouTube, Bollywood movie,
CTV cameras and one more actually, police mobile records of terrorist. 
The movies was not so horrifying actually but the fact, that we
still can find information and videos on YouTube and online. We can watch one
of the terrorist in a hospital how police asking him questing. And on top of
this, during the actual terrorist attacks at the hotel one of the Bollywood producers
asked for the permission to create a movie…. This is literary scary because
we can capture all and we can share all and we want to see everything but where
is the line? 
Why and how we will use this information? 
Are still all these attacks so terrifying..?
Changing of side of news and everything basically becoming more
flattering, pornographically contexts are not disturbing anymore and it is
normal to upload violence on the YouTube…
Connecting cities14years of light
Robert Kleinfeld
Julia Kloiber – Ted talk coding for the public
Unfortunately, I missed most of the talk but I still got useful
information – Arts electronica – ted talk
After the screenings go to this conference was almost suicide –
Philosopher – 
Beleving in future, equality, myth, legends
Thesis about transparency how
we becoming transparent – from all the possibilities what we have and more
freedom and without formal violence we becoming transparent.
All the selfies what we are
making and all these depression what is around us we can upload everything on
the Internet to share our thoughts but in fact we are lonely and transparent.
History is colorful, flexible
and it is full of story and story telling but the codes are transparent without
any stories…
Algorythm – rules of fear
More visible panoptic 
Language less body
Health as information data
Documentary film
Greg Elmer, Oliver Lerone Schutz
Security theme and social protesting questing 
After this very controversial themes we just wanted to rest and
talk about the topics so went to a pub and then for some clubs. I wanted go to
the Berghain because transmediale suppose to guaranteed free entrance however;
it was just till 12 so I came few hours later – so I just went to different
club where I met Richie from Edinburgh and some potential students… Quite fun
since I came to hostel around 9 am so I haven’t slept till Sunday…
Funny day – I was falling asleep all the time but I attend very
interesting conferences – I was very happy that I met PINAR YOLDAS – my
favourite artist from the last year Transmediale!


After few conferences we decided to visit our favourite restaurant again – DADA FALAFEL!

After the dinner we just split and I went for very last performance which was stunning!! Everyone who missed it just missed the key event of the Transmediale!






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