Introduction to interactivity (Project4)


From Micro to Macro and back again”
Spaces without control where you can do basically what ever
you want, abstraction of sound and sounds of abstraction. There are no any
rules, which you could follow and this is how you can enjoy place full of
experimenting with sounds. Thought the “music” you can
identify space, which could be familiar to you, however; the experiment is
also based on an idea of transforming reality into unreal life. From
microscopic to macroscopic…
After the first week I still developing my idea and sound
project what I would like to do but I am slowly getting into the idea however;
I am still not so confident about the coding and LIVECODE which is the main
topic of this project… 
I already started work on the background, sketching and
experiment with LiveCode, although I am little bit afraid of processing and
coding itself, I am trying to rid of this pointless scary.
After two weeks working on a project I am moving pretty
slowly and it makes me worried how my projects ends. Especially after second
weekend which I spend working on sound and recording sounds around me which was
the biggest part of the project because editing the sound for Livecode is not
the easiest part, e.g. it is not working properly, and I have been solving so
much problem though that I starting have feeling I have never would like to touch
LiveCode again.

Although, I know I must save my work as much as I can if I don’t
want to lose something, however; with some software like Ableton – I cant save
my work while I record so I lost my 2 hours long process of recording. So, I am
starting again… I hope my sound will be better than last time tough! Anyway,
it is same with Livecode as well; because in my case it is closing unexpectedly
many times that I have been saving my work almost every ten minutes.

Beauty of Bacteria






The Visual Effect Command

The visual effect command allows you to specify an effect to be used the next time there is a move to another card. You specify the effect name and can optionally specify a speed, final image, audio clip and style (iOS only).
When you issue a visual effect command, it is stored to be used the next time you navigate to another card. Usually, you place the visual effect command immediately before these commands. However, it is not necessary to execute the navigation command immediately; the visual effect is stored and used the next time you navigate. You can even issue avisual effect command in one handler and the navigation command in another handler. All visual effects are cleared when all pending handlers exit.

week of fighting 
“Space Is Only Noise If You Can See”
livecode stack was
corrupted check for back up file
The last week was very stressful because I had
to manage to create all the sounds and ideas into the project and especially in
the middle of the week I was not sure if I have had still appreciated my
idea and the whole process anymore. Although, I thought I would have to use
more action in my project finally, I basically used just one – mixing sounds
depends on the distance, also this week I made this decision because before I
used more blinking and clicking effects, however; it was less effective than
the simplicity of clean noisy space where the player could focus on the
esthetic of the project and didn’t want to bothersome by any of the game
engine and logic.







My project somehow doesn’t have any specific
logic, so that’s mean it is not even “game” because no one could
loose or win, there is not any story behind. I focused on the visual part more
and on the sounds which was very exhausting and it is not because I had to record
all the sound, but it was because stay focused what I really would like to do.
I didn’t want to just adjust or revert the sounds. Each card has own story
behind and this was the most challenging.


The concept is about the micro sound revert
into macro sound and experimenting with the idea of the simplicity of very
elementary noisy what is around us and sound which we even recognize, places
which are familiar to us would be very different to us with completely new
sounds. Can we ever hear silence without any noise? I assume not because even
my body is product some noises. In addition, the navigation in my project is
not explicit and player could get confused because she/he could not get the
logic because there is not logic at all. You just go through the spaces with
noises, and when you click and just move a mouse go move forward.



Somehow, LiveCode is very difficult to control
and it gets so easily broken so it was sometimes hard to manipulate and work
with this project, on the other it gave my freedom to play with the visuals and
I think I learnt a lot from this project. I tried to find my own tempo for the
creation and learning the code and I still prefer to understand less code and
be sure how to use it rather than use long script where I don’t
understand most of the script. I realize that 3weeks for learnt, and
create whole project was not enough for me and simple because it is important
for be to feel confident and go thought the code and software little bit
differently but it is just because I expect slightly deeper intro into


I assume next time I would be more careful
about the time and especially what I am able to do. Even though I worked with
sound before I didn’t realize how complicated this would be, however, I still
evaluate most of the card what I done. I started with the idea of more of 20
cards but finally I just use of them because I comprehend that quantity doesn’t
mean quality.




























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