Project_n_3_VINE (Project3)

6 seconds of loop


One does not know (Scelsi)


Vine is quite new platform just for mobile and
tablets devices which is allows to make short approximetly 6 seconds videos –
we suppose to create 6 seconds video with some concept behind. It is pretty
good challenge to find solution for story telling. Even though we shouldn’t
create or think about story every time when I am creating something I need
concept with a short story behind – from people who walking just walking or
just short chat between things. 
After few days of discovering and playing around
with vine I quite enjoyed the idea of short video and gifs. I assume that I
prefer do abstract or funny at all, however; I love idea of reflection,
infinity and abstraction. Idea of chimneys steam in an industrial place from
different angles or broken lights which I recorded, also I liked an idea of
water and color but it is such a cliché that I started using ink on a paper –
it is looks like impressive how the water reflect myself. I tried to play with
different angles but I am actually like some of the videos even though it is
not perfectly looping.
Today, on Thursday, after the group meeting I
just get more ideas and my concept got be more clear about what I suppose to do
and what I should re-create. Perhaps, it will be more complicated than I even
expect because the concept of looping and infinity is complicate.
After almost 50 experiment from basic videos to
complicated ink loop I had to choose some of it, although, I know what I would
like to do is more difficult to bring my idea to real – especially, changing
the video from white to black and back to the white and perfect loop is
probably never going to work for me. But now I am confident about how to manage
videos and the fundamental idea of Vine. I know how to cut the videos, record
and connect with other people.
Supporting my concept – ink reflection as
reflect my on the screens, mirrors which is abstraction of nothingness or
infinity, breathtaking beauty of lost memories in the shape which is
problematic to recognize, who is there? Is it just shadow of device or it is
something more, is it perfectly looping or it just mess?
No, adorableness of nothingness, which I admire.
Symmetry is the aesthetics of fools – it is too uncomplicated, for me it is
better to play with different, random shapes which is doesn’t seems like a
computer generated lines…
Scelsi: In His Own Words

Ink Study
Ink Drops 4K

Perfect loops




























Words behinds (poem)
Romantic, schizophrenic, unique, lost
Fragrance, found in conversations which never been
Life which never been allowed to live.
Meet at a place which never been existed.
Fuck me as the time that never been lived/existed.
Find me at a place, which I never knew.
Infinity as a solution for 
Lost memories and melancholy
Melancholy is the biggest win ever
Loneliness as the result of infinity
What is freedom?
Where is my head?
Cloud as a reflection of melancholy
Freedom as a reflection of gravity
Melancholy as a reflection of infinity
Infinity as reflection of lost
Lost as reflection of freedom
Freedom as a reflection of nothingness
Nothingness as a reflection of….
Minimalistic movement in art
Minimal Art is a school of abstract painting and sculpture where
any kind of personal expression is kept to a minimum, in order to give the
work a completely literal presence. The resulting work is characterized by
extreme simplicity of form and a deliberate lack of expressive content.
Why am I so impressed by minimalistic art and why am I trying to
get into that?
Why am I trying to push myself to create very simple pieces? 
Even though, it is difficult for me start to use just simple
shapes, colors it is significant fragment for me because than I do not use
complicated composition and colors shadows and I am not lost in my piece.
Especially, when I paint it is better for me just use maximum to three colors
because than it is just mess of colors.
The idea of minimalism is much larger than many people realize. It
includes, by definition, any music that works with limited or minimal
materials: pieces that use only a few notes, pieces that use only a few words
of text, or pieces written for very limited instruments, such as antique
cymbals, bicycle wheels, or whiskey glasses. It includes pieces that sustain
one basic electronic rumble for a long time. It includes pieces made
exclusively from recordings of rivers and streams. It includes pieces that move
in endless circles. It includes pieces that set up an unmoving wall of
saxophone sound. It includes pieces that take a very long time to move
gradually from one kind of music to another kind. It includes pieces that
permit all possible pitches, as long as they fall between C and D. It includes
pieces that slow the tempo down to two or three notes per minute.



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The considerations for ‘essences’ are light, form, and detail of
material, space, place and human condition.



What is infinity?

Infinity (symbol: ) is an abstract concept describing something without any limit and is relevant in a number of fields, predominantly mathematics and physics.

 The law of reflection says that for specular reflection the angle at which the wave is incident on the surface equals the angle at which it is reflected. Mirrors exhibit specular reflection.




blue experiment






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