Drawing week

From few short execes I should learn to understand composition, perspective and colour techniques. It is starting from basic formulas and viewings on things. Althought,  I thought it would be very simple and basics and what I am very familiar with after all of my drawing studies the execies was not that simple how it looks like.



The first task was about how to understand relationship between eyes and hand. Practings drawing with long stick was quite challenging because the distance between paper and stick was uncontrollable. When the stick was shorter I felt much more confident with the drawing even though it was not what I expected.






Four different techniques how to express softness, nature or fabric by pencil, indian ink. How soft is fabric? Is a leave part of a bench or not? Can I find more information in these simple stuff or it is pointless to look on them as there is something more?
To study more deeply all these materials gave opportunity not looked on them just as a useless old stuff. From realistic tendencies to complete abstraction.
I have to definitely look around more!






To be honest, I was not so sure if I was understand this exercise as I supposed to. Right side brain exercise but I haven’t got the point of the practise.

Finding form: discovering a disguised form

Design my own wrapping paper to put an object inside because when I cant see an object I would be more concentrate on the surface. I liked most go around the studio and find interesting surfaces. Even though, I enjoyed design the wrapping paper the final drawings were quite unsuccessful..


One of my favourite excesis because I felt free in my expression and I felt whatever I would draw it would not be bad. I had to learn how to watch an object rather than watch my paper. Although, I knew I cant make any mistake, inside I wanted to watch my paper more than I suppose to…. In addition, from my childhood I do not have problem use both hands equally so without any doubts I switched from right to left.

Finding form: capturing three dimensional form

Not watching paper at all is impossible for me because I had to confident about the final piece and I am still not. There was not pass or failure however; I felt I would not be able rid of this failing so sometimes I checked my paper. Although, this was the biggest mistake. Hopefully, next year I would be more conceptual..

Drawing to music

This exercice was the most valuable and honestly, my favourite one because I felt free from all the rules. I just expressed what I am feeling and I also could paint which was the biggest advantage of it.
How to express sound? What colour represent blue or red? For the first I choose EDGAR VARESE “Poem electronique” even though I was thinking about Xenakis, Pauline Oliveros, etc.
WWW – czech electronic hiphop where the band playing with synonyms and same words. It is just midi where they are playing on but it is working pretty well.
(They couldn’t be played on czech commercial TV or radio because it is too much artistic…)
DVA – HUHU it is also czech band but they are not singing in czech they invented their own universal language.

The thinking hand: drawing in motion

Moving images means for me this paintings – 

Setting the scene: playing with perspective, scaleand composition

Learning perspective in basic way is the best way how to repeat the basic drawing. I enjoyed to moved around an old bottle even though I did not choose the best object for drawing because it is same from the all view. Anyway, to cut it in 8 squares made from the project something original..

Other drawings what I made…

Drawing week 2

Setting the scene: composition
Begin to explore options for composition by using a makeshift
viewfinder or digital camera.Thinking about object as a contraction of lines from 3D. Construction for sculpture. Be able to think about 3D object like a real 3D object even though it is only on a paper. I learnt more about conceptual thinking.

Setting the scene: composition
Begin to explore options for composition by using a makeshift
viewfinder or digital camera.

For me this exercise was about thinking about preparing a movie or short story from comic book. Basically, make a story board – in few pictures set up a story with a composition which is understandable for audience.

In a first pictures, I just played with the square in a paper and composition than I moved to a story between a frog and hippo. Computer love…

The song which inspired me…


The story
Group Drawing Project
Inspired by the work of Michael Craig-MartinGroup project was a real fun – we had to collabored and communicate to finish our tape drawing.

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